95# and not going back

I made the decision yesterday that unless absolutely necessary, or if I’m doing Jackie or another WOD that requires less, I’m never thrusting anything less than 95 pounds. Why? Well for starters it’s the typical men’s competition weight and after completing the Crossfit Open 13.5 WOD I know I can handle it. And if you competed in the open you know you can too.

Yesterday’s WOD was, of course, thrusters – a delightful 2 days after 13.5 :). Determined, I loaded up 95 pounds on the bar and went after it

5 Rounds – 45 Seconds
Run 200M
Max Thrusters
Rest 3:15

To be honest, it wasn’t nearly as terrible as I thought. My legs hurt, my lungs burned but I made it. Since the 200M run is constant you only score the number of thrusters. This is what I got:

5, 4, 5, 5, 3

Don’t be afraid of your own goals and PRs. Once you hit a new rep weight stick with it; don’t slide back. Stop making it easier on yourself. That’s not why you joined crossfit. That’s not why you’re here. That’s not who you are.



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