RECIPE – Eating this will make any human happy :)

Steak Dinner

So if you love crossfit, chances are you love eating. Odds are also pretty good that you like to eat meat (everyone smile and say BACON to yourself!) – now relax. Today’s recipe unfortunately doesn’t have bacon but who doesn’t like to say it aloud?

Ingredients (quantity/size varies depending on # of people):

*Remember that when buying meat fresh, high-quality meat is ALWAYS preferred. Personally I try and buy from Whole Foods or similar directly from the butcher. For this meal I used a 16oz bone-in Ribeye from Whole Foods.

I’m not going to get into the fine points of cooking here but this is how I whipped this meal together.

Step 1: Season both sides of the meat as desired. Place into a pre-heated oven (appx 325 degrees) and place a small slice of butter on top.
Step 2: Take out the tray at about half way (varies depending on size of meat) and place sliced onions on the tray. Sprinkle with olive oil generously, salt and pepper and a small sliver of butter.
Step 3: Take out the meat and onions once they’re cooked as desired.
Step 4: Assemble salad as preferred then add this AMAZING dressing I found at Whole Foods for $5 –> Tessemae’s All Natural dressing.

All together it took me maybe 25 minutes to put this together. It’s simple, AWESOME, and 100% paleo. Now smile, say BACON, and go make some.


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