Win the Little Things. Go for One More

I’ve said before, that I try and win at the little things; take a one second shorter break so I have enough time to get in one more rep at the end. Doing this requires that you don’t give up for a second, that you don’t slack off in rounds 2 or 3 until the final. It requires mental discipline.

Yesterday’s WOD wasn’t anything terrifying but it required you to push it mentally as much as physically. Here’s the breakdown.

3 rounds of:
2:00 AMRAP:
400m Run
Max Burpees
5:00 rest

The Catch: it’s not the burpees which are hardest, it’s actually the run. And rounds 2 and 3 is where keeping your pace begins to get tough, really tough.

I managed to eek in 20, 18, 18 for the 3 rounds, but I only snagged the 18s because I refused to slack off. Almost all three 400m runs were completed in about 75 seconds, so had I paused, stalled or taken another quick breather, there’s no way I would have caught up.

We say this at District Crossfit a lot, but if you hit a score always aim for that score again. Consistency is important but it’s also a benchmark.


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