I Finished Helen RX in 9:35!!!!!

It was a bright, beautiful Wednesday morning. The sun had just popped up over the horizon, promising a warm and sunny day. I’d just hoped 2013-02-15 18.17.07onto my bicycle to zip across the city to District Crossfit Southwest, which is right next to the National’s Baseball Stadium.

I have to preface this by saying I almost never workout in the morning because I’m usually at work by then…or sleeping 🙂

My motivation: I saw on the blog that morning that we we’re working on hang power cleans and then doing Helen. I’d never done this WOD before so I had to just get up and do it. 

I finished in 9:35

I was really happy with my time not just because I felt like it was fast but it was the first benchmark WOD I’d completed before the time cap. To me it symbolized months of hard work, diet changes, and a sore body. I’m really looking forward to testing myself against all the other benchmark WODs.

If you’ve done Helen recently, or another Girl WOD, post your accomplishment to the comments section.

–Good luck and happy WODing!


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  1. Ahhh cool! I saw the title of this post and thought, “Cool, I did Helen yesterday too!” then I realized we go to the same gym! Small world indeed. Happy Blogging. Happy WODing.

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