Letting Everything Go.

Open Road

We crossfitters are pretty focused on tracking our WOD performance; calculating reps, time, PRs, etc. We’re super intense people who come to the box to get after it – heck that’s why we signed up.

But in all this performance monitoring, I think we lose something: the ability to let go. To just cruise. To say screw it, let’s go until there isn’t any road left to run on.

On Saturday, I put on some bright colored orange shorts – that I probably should never wear in public but do anyways – laced up my shoes and just started to run. I didn’t bring a watch and I didn’t have a plan. I was just running.

I got to the Capitol building and thought I’d run to the Washington Monument. Got to the monument and decided to go to Lincoln. Go there and decided to head around Haines Point, taking on another 4+ miles to my journey. I didn’t really care. I was just cruising.

I don’t really know how far I ran or how long I was running for and I’m really ok with that.

On Saturday, I just ran. I ran and I don’t know how far or how long. And I kicked some ass 🙂


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