VIDEO: Who do you want to be?

Why did you join crossfit?

Was it because you wanted to lose weight? Your friends were doing it?

Was it because you’re someone who has to beat against walls and barriers until they break?

Not everyone has have top-tier crossfitter as their goal. It’s not about how high your goal is, it’s what you do with your goal that matters.

Don’t be afraid to fail. Don’t be afraid of making decisions. You can’t be paralyzed by fear of failure or you’ll never push yourself. You keep pushing because you believe in yourself and your vision.

I just watched this Arnold Schwarzenegger video the other day and was really struck. As a governor and actor during most of my life, I never really gave much thought to Arnold’s weightlifting career before his Hollywood stardom. Watching this video though, I’m reminded of the daily sacrifice he made to reach his goal.

What’s the point of being on this Earth if you’re going to be liked be everyone and avoid trouble?


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