Why Do You Crossfit?

Why do you CrossFit?


I show up at my box 4-5 times a week. 70% of the people there are not what you typically expect from a crossfitter; they’re not elite athletes with rock solid bodies throwing up 130% of body weight or even close. I’m certainly not an elite athlete.

We’re really not that strong in shear terms of the sport and we know we’re never going to be. So why all the bother scraping and crawling on the ground for the extra one or two? Why do we drop the suits and ties, skirts and heels and get our warrior on?

Me: I do it because I can’t stand to be idle. I can’t stand not to feel with every ounce of my body the pain of progression. To grovel for another. To take one hit then another. To be beaten and still stand.

I’m no champion but I’m a victor over small things. I’m two burpees more than yesterday. I’m “annie” with a smile. I’m “grace” with hunger. I’m “cindy” with fire.

This is who I am at my box.

So why do you crossfit? Seriously, why do you do it, even when it always hurts so bad?


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  1. Great post. I do it to be better than yesterday. I do it to keep up with the young Soldiers. I do it so I do not become an early statistic.

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