New WOD – “The Beach”

I was in the Outer Banks this week for the Fourth of July.

I’m sure a lot of you vacation at the beach once or twice a year, and if you crossfit this can present some unique challenges. If you haven’t noticed, there aren’t a ton of readily available resources (local box, pull up bar, weights) but one thing there is a ton of is SAND!

And sand is a great resistor.

I’m sure y’all remember the scene in Rocky 3, with Apollo and Rocky sprinting in the sand. Well there’s a reason for that.

Here’s what I did.

Run 20min on the sand barefoot
100 burpees for time in the sand
Run back (however long that takes)

Sand completely changes the dynamic of the workout, forcing you to exert more energy for the same movement.

Give it a shot and let me know what you think. If you think of something else cool, please share it.



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