7-17-13 WOD – Snatch Progressions

Today’s WOD

Hang Snatch Progression

5 Rounds:
High Hang Squat Snatch + Low Hang Squat Snatch (60%)

4:00 AMRAP:
Hang Power Snatch (75/55)
(Every time the bar touches the floor do 3 Forward Rolls)

My hands have been beaten down pretty freaking bad.

What 60 hang snatches will do to your hands immediately. #crossfit

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We spent the first 20 minutes practicing full snatches from various hang positions (high-mid-low). I focused mostly on the mid-hang and really tried to pull myself under the bar and landing in a squat. Typically, I just power snatch it up to almost a full stand.

TIP: Mobilize. You’ve got to spend time working on hip flexibility every single week.

Today was my first time doing full squat snatches and I was really happy. I got up to 105#, which isn’t my 1RM snatch but I was focusing more on form that weight.

The actual WOD is a little bit tricky. It’s only 4:00 but every time you put the barbell down, you’ve gotta do 3 forward rolls. You know the tuck and roll things you practice when doing handstands.

I only dropped the bar once and I got in 37 reps total (20 on the first set, 17 on the second).

I celebrated afterwards with steak and some frozen yogurt. How do you celebrate after your WODs?


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