7/24/13 WOD – Today I felt like a CrossFitter

So today I felt like an actual CrossFitter.

First off, we weren’t even going for 1RM but I hit one anyways: 135# Snatch.

Second, I started doing butterfly pullups in the middle of my WOD, which I’ve never actually done before. I kept them going throughout the entire WOD.

Third, I wasn’t afraid. I wasn’t cowering away from exhaustion but running through it, finding that end to what I could do.

Today’s WOD

Practice Power Snatch

10 rounds, OTM:
1 Power Snatch

5 rounds of:
2:00 AMRAP
200m Run
Max rounds “Cindy”
2:00 rest between rounds

So let me explain Part C. The 200M runs operates as a “buy-in.” From there, you’ve got to perform Cindy AMRAP (As Many Rounds as Possible) in the remaining time so this is an all out sprint.

Remember: Cindy is 5 pull ups, 10 push ups, 15 squats.

My Score:
Round 1: 2 rounds + 5 reps
Round 2: 2 rounds + 6 reps
Round 3: 2 rounds + 1 rep
Round 4: 2 rounds
Round 5: 1 round + 25 reps (5 short of 2 rounds)
TOTAL: 10 Rounds + 7 reps


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3 replies

  1. That wod sounds fun!! I always like adding in a little running. It evens out the playing field. 🙂


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