“Hotshots 19” WOD & Reflections

I’m a little late in writing this (obviously). On August 31, 2013, I dropped into Costa Mesa CrossFit, the box my good friend Blake calls home for the “Hotshots 19” WOD. I had heard of it before but the difficulty and length didn’t hit me until I started breaking it down.

“Hotshots 19” 6 Rounds for time 30 air squats 19 power cleans (135#/95#) 7 strict pullups 400m run

I’m used to doing 135# cleans but when I did the math – that’s 114 power cleans!! So I decided (rightly) to scale down to 115#.

I can’t exactly explain to you at part of the WOD that fatigue started to set it, but I think it was at the beginning of round 4. I was remembering why we were doing this and kept thinking: this is easier than death, which is what these 19 firefighters suffered.

The time-cap was 40 minutes and I didn’t finish; I was on the 7 pullups of round 6.

Meanwhile, in Prescott, AZ, CrossFit HQ was holding a fundraiser for the families of the fallen. Guys like Rich Froning and Chris Spealler were doing “Hotshots 19” at the same gym the Hotshots used to workout. All in all, they raised $281,477.50! 


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  1. “this is easier than death” it is thoughts like this that will forever make me dig deep on these WODs and the WODs like them. Great job and great mental focus.

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