I’ve been off my diet…and it shows

I typically eat a pretty strict paleo diet, but throughout the month of August into September, I’ve really been off my game. Drinking beer, eating the occasional slice (or 3) of pizza, staying up too late and having the more than occasional froyo!

Here’s the thing: I’m stronger today. I spent most of August concentrating on building to heavier lifts and it made a difference. However, I wasn’t doing as many met-cons and I lost focus on my diet in the meantime.

Today, I did one of my favorite WODs – 100 burpees for time – a WOD I usually crush in under 6 minutes. Today, a terrifying 7:24, and I had to struggle the entire way through. I felt so sad afterwards that I tacked on 100 situps for time to make sure it all hurt 🙂

The real challenge now is: how do I keep the strength, while building back my speed and conditioning?

…I’ll let you know how it goes!


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  1. Beer?? HaHa!! Just a little cheating once in a while brings up my strength too~ I can usually power through feeling like crap!!

  2. This is an easy answer in my opinion. Clean the diet to maintenance calories to maintain the weight. Work on the METCONs and it will come back. Consider Aug-Sep as an Off-Season bulk. Just like in FootBall. I’m sure you will work it and be pleased with the results.

    • So many things I’m trying to accomplish at once – get stronger lifts, get faster MetCon times, more mobility – maybe it was a little too much at once and I got over tired. Either way, I know where I’m at now and what I need to do to get back!

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