CrossFit: Separating the Willing from the Whiners

We are CrossFitters. We are the community of one more.  We are the willing.

I CAN’T!!!! 

It’s probably one of the most conspicuous phrases in fitness culture.  Though it reeks of defeat, it’s a phrase we’ve likely heard and used countless times.

But though I CAN’T is so common, it would probably be better replaced with I WON’T.

I WON’T!!! You mean you refuse to try. I think that’s much closer to the true meaning of I CAN’T.

Let’s set this aside for a second.


I’ve been seeing in the news quite often, harsh criticisms and warnings about CrossFit.  Some have centered around the extreme physical nature of the sport, while others have gone so far as to label CrossFit as “what’s wrong with sports in America.”


Let’s look at the extreme, injury prone, intense aspects since it seems to be one of the most frequently citied criticisms.

First, sky-diving, base jumping, motocross and wild boar hunting are extreme.  CrossFit is not.

Climbing Mt. Everest and diving with sharks is extreme.  CrossFit is not.

Gorging yourself until you’re diabetic and 100 pounds overweight is REALLY EXTREME.  You will literally die doing this.

Every sport involves serious risks of injury. Basketball, football, soccer and baseball players have lived a lifetime of injuries from serious sprains to broken limbs.  Ya being active costs sometimes.  But that doesn’t mean we stop doing it.

A lot of people seem to believe that the culture of CrossFit is such that the sport is unsafe for all but the superfit, elite athletes.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.


With that being said, some people are genuinely stupid. If you’re max front squat is 185 pounds should you be trying to use a similar weight during a workout. Absolutely Not! Don’t be an idiot. Even if you manage to complete the WOD, there’s a good chance you’re sacrificing form for heavier weight.  If you do this enough times you’re going to hurt yourself.  Simple as that.

Some criticisms have hit CrossFit for pushing people too hard. For forcing them to do more reps and not give up. Something critics say is a harbinger for (a) injury and (b) apropos of the elitist culture of CrossFitters.


DAMMIT PEOPLE.  When did we start believing getting a community of people together to cheer on our brother and sisters, replacing their worn out spirit with our shouts and encouragement become such a bad thing?

I started off talking about I CAN’T and I WON’T.  I just see this attitude all over the place these days and anyone or any group who tries to beat that out of people gets levied all sorts of criticism, and that really pisses me off.  People are constantly whining about being unable to run or unable to keep going.  I think most of them are just unwilling. And I think that’s a bigger problem than CrossFit.


We are CrossFitters. We are the community of one more.  We are the willing.


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  1. Great way of explaining things. Most of all for a big number of people who never use common sense, and think that a WOD is meant to kill someone and cannot be adjusted in weight and time for begginers.


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