NEW APP: CrossFit & Get Paid

So I just ran into this new app being developed called Challenge Rx, which is in the final phase of development for the iPhone.  Similar to kickstarter, the folks at Challenge Rx are using Indiegogo to raise $50,000 for phase 2 of the project, which includes an app for Android devices.

With Challenge Rx you’ll be able to compete against other athletes in your similar level and have a chance to score some prize money.  And if you’ve read my blog lately, you know how much I love competitions 🙂 

I just signed up to be one of the athletes. It only costs $30.

Here’s a brief explanation about the athlete section from Challenge Rx:

Are you an athlete that loves to compete and wants to workout against athletes that have the same skill level as you? We need you too!

Competition is great but sometimes the playing field isn’t as level as we’d like it to be. Through our advanced yet universal performance calculation the benefit of competition can best be seen when each athlete feels they have a chance to win! Challenge RX has special built in formulas that are used to categorize each athlete so you will compete against athletes with similar abilities and better yet, we cap the number of participants in each workout so the maximum number of people you will be competing against is 100 athletes ranked with the same performance class (similar ability) as you. When it comes time to compete, each athlete will know that if they really push themselves they have the ability to win and EARN CASH for competing!

If you’re a level 1 certified trainer with your judge cert, there’s also an opportunity to make money judging WODs.

Full Disclosure: the owner of my box – Andrew Killion of District Crossfit – is involved in this project, providing video coaching to Challenge Rx. 


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