If you do one thing in 2014

I’ve got one challenge for you, if you’re up for it.

There’s one WOD, movement or lift that we absolutely dread.  That when we see it on the board, we’re immediately confronted with the realization: this is gonna rock me!

Well, I challenge you to take that fear head on and make it your goal in 2014, to master that.

For me, it’s Fran.  She’s my Achilles heel, and I’m dedicating 2014 to improving this one WOD.

Here’s the catch, in order to get better, you can just do that one movement, you’ve gotta practice all the basics that go into it. Mobility, leg/shoulder strength, core strength,  pull ups maybe. Any and all of the above. 

So mine is Fran, 90 reps of body crushing thrusters and pull ups.

What’s yours?


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  1. Heavy Squats. I want to get more and more comfortable in my back and front squat with heavy weight. I hate hate squats and that fear always can be seen in my olympic lifts-my hesitation to get under the bar in the full movement (instead of power). So, 2014 is the year of the squat for me! I would LOVE to hit 200# by next December but we will see..

    • 200# would be epic lady front squat and I 100% support that. Should make deadlifting the lil’ one that much easier 🙂

      I totally understand what you’re saying about “getting under the bar.” It’s a lot of psychological there. If you can’t FS 150#, do you really expect to be able to clean that?

      • Exactly. But I have complete confidence in my power clean-my old 1 is 10# above my current body weight and I’m pretty sure it’s higher now.

        We will see …I’m starting another squat program in a couple weeks and plan on doing a lot of core strength and mobility with it

      • Spending time focusing on ankle mobility has improved my front squat tremendously.

  2. Pull ups. After a year of crossfit I still cannot do one single strict pull-up without a band. I’ve worked at it and have shown no improvement. I’m positive it’s all mental at this point. This year I will succeed!!!

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