A Perfect Storm to Ruin Your First WOD of 2014

I was caught in the kind of perfect storm that sends your New Year’s resolution crashing down.

It was around 2pm, and I could feel my throat starting to get sore and dry.  The kind of “you’re definitely going to have a cold tomorrow” type of feeling.  What’s worse, the WOD was a fran-style workout and I’d just committed to spending 2014 working on my Fran.

It’d been a long week of WODs and I was sore and tired; but despite this perfect storm destined to crash my resolve, I had to go.

And now I AM SO SORE.

Cluster (95/65)
Strict Pullup
Box Jumps
(20 min time cap)

If you don’t know what a cluster is, watch this video.

That’s a pretty gnarly movement.

Like Fran, the cluster involves a thurster, except that it start with a squat clean.  What makes this WOD even more challenging is that while Fran has a total of 45 thursters, this WOD has 55 clusters.

Ladies and gentleman, I made the best decision of my life to show up.  I’m sick, just like I knew I would be. But I did a great job. I didn’t finish, but I showed myself how much I’d improved.

Happy hunting in 2014. Go get ’em!



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