DUDE…what’s with the beard?

So I’ve been getting a lot of questions lately about my beard.  It usually goes something like, “Dude! I love your beard. How long ya growing that for?”

To which I usually respond, “I’m growing it until about mid-April, after I finish this CrossFit competition.”

The next question always strikes me as kinda odd. “So you’ve got this competition, but why can’t you cut the beard until April?”

I think I’ve done a poor job responding because I still get blank stares back.

The beard is about focus.  It’s about keeping myself connected and zeroed in on my training.

I’ve set my goals for the CrossFit open and everything I’m doing each and every day is meant to build towards that goal.  From my diet, to my sleep, to my workouts, to be overgrown man beard, it’s all moving in the same direction.

The last three months is the grind — the fatigue-laden, body bruising, battle royal final stretch.  It’s the hardest and least motivating part of the journey.  So every morning I wakeup, I stare into the mirror and remember, this is what I’m doing.


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  1. Beards FOR THE WIN!!


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