AFTER THE CROSSFIT OPEN: What’s the first thing you’re going to eat?

So I’m 17 days into strict paleo, which I will continue until the end of the CrossFit Open in April.

I’m gonna level with y’all right now; I’m craving some pancakes.  First of all, pancakes aren’t my “go to” cheat food.  I don’t think I’ve had any in over a year but for some reason, the idea of some hot cakes and syrup have been hitting me hard lately.


So I’ve made a decision.  When this is all over, I’m going to find the largest set of pancakes I can find and just revel in complete enjoyment.

I know that a lot of you having been changing your diets before the CrossFit Open, or just cutting out some unnecessary items.  So when it’s all said and done, the open is over, your goals are met, what are you going to indulge in?


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