Snowed In? No problem

There’s about 4 inches of thick fluffy snow on the ground.  If you live in the city, like me, driving around can be as perilous as it is time-consuming.  And quite frankly, getting to the box can be a legitimate challenge in this weather.

I meant, it’s 10 degrees outside right now.

2014-01-22 09.36.27

So, if you’re stuck outside cause your box is closed, you can’t get there, or the temperature is just “too damn cold,” don’t give up on your workout.

Here’s a super easy WOD that I did last night at my house:


20-30 minutes of MOBILITY!!!!! Rolling out with a lacrosse ball any and all areas that need it. Rotate every 60-90 seconds.
** Seriously, I cannot stress enough that mobilizing your body for this long is 100% a workout and absolutely necessary.


1/2 Angie (for time)
100 pushups
100 situps
** DO NOT move onto the next movement until completed with the first one **

My Time: 12 min 46
Pushups: 6:38
Situps: 6:08


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