Does ‘skipping the gym’ mean you’re lazy?

It’s 5:30 pm, and you’re collecting your things from work to head to your routine Wednesday WOD.  The only problem is, it’s been a long week, you’re sore and you’re just not ‘in the mood.’  Maybe you’ve been traveling a lot this week and just haven’t gotten the rest and recovery your body needs.

It’s a position we’ve all been in; it’s actually a place I’m literally at this very moment.

Often times, when we push through and make the decision to go, we’re thankful we did.  Conversely, we often feel lazy or guilty for skipping the gym to stay home and “just veg” or relax and “lay low.”

But is the choice to go home instead of CrossFit the lazy option, failure, defeat, or caving in? Absolutely not!

There’s this culture out there that has us believing that rest is weakness, that skinny is beautiful, that bikinis and biceps are the bomb. If your body truly needs rest, then skip the gym and go to bed earlier. Take your day and come back tomorrow prepared to hit harder, but don’t feel guilty and don’t give up because you miss a couple.

As for me, I’m going to go, but tomorrow, I’ve gotta rest.


Let me be clear, I hardly ever skip the gym but I do give myself 1-2 rest days a week as needed.

The battle over “going to the gym” is mostly mental but I cannot stress enough that you need rest


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  1. I “skipped” the gym twice last week. I usually go every other day, but I wanted to do a particular class on Friday, which was an off day, so I told myself I could just go three days in a row… But I ended up not working out on the weekend at all. Don’t regret it though! I had fun at the class, and two days of rest was actually pretty nice!

  2. I think it’s really important to determine if the reason why you want to skip the gym is because you truly need rest or if you “just aren’t feeling it”. I agree that rest is so important and some people could use a few more rest days. But it’s also important to tell yourself (when you are capable, of course) to just go to the gym and do it. It is so true that once you are there, you’re happy that you went! 🙂

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