So my car won’t start but at least my new kettlebells arrived

So I got into my car this morning to head to the grocery store – my once-a-week routine trip to get fresh vegetables and food for the week – and my car wouldn’t start.  I’m not quite sure yet what the issue is but I had it towed to the body shop, which opens tomorrow. Hopefully it isn’t too bad (or expensive).

My new kettlebells arrived. #crossfit #wod #livewithfire

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So being carless makes things difficult, like getting to Crossfit among other things.  But thankfully, all is not lost.

On Friday, my two new kettlebells arrived in the mail and the timing couldn’t have been perfect.  Single arm KB swings, KB thrusters, goblet squats, KB cleans, strict press, farmer’s carry, and KB snatches are just a few of the awesome workouts I have planned for these puppies.

My first WOD planned, maybe even as early as tomorrow AM, is the following:

15 Min AMRAP
10 pushups
20 Alternating KB Swings
30 Weighted Alternating Lunges

Mmhmm you can already feel the fun!


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