5 Vitamins That Are Actually Worth Taking

I’ve been hearing that taking vitamin supplements, for the most part, don’t do a lot to improve your healthy.

But while there seems to be strong consensus that most don’t, I hadn’t heard about any vitamins that do improve your health.

These are by no means the only five, and of course, listen to the advice and recommendations of your doctor, but here’s a few to keep handy.

  1. Vitamin D – Producing some of the most healthful results, vitamin D is by far the most beneficial vitamin supplement.
  2. Probiotics – Each time you take antibiotics, you wipe our the trillions of helpful bacteria cells that live inside us that help regulate our health.
  3. Zinc – A mineral that’s involved in many different aspects of your cellular metabolism.
  4. Niacin – A useful supplement for those with symptoms of heart disease, reducing the chance of stroke or heart attack.
  5. Garlic – A very effective treatment for high blood pressure.

One supplement I take daily is Fish Oil. I’m still looking into the effectiveness of this one.


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  1. Vitamin D is key during the winter time to stave off winter blues!

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