Big PR Week for Me

Anyone who’s been lifting for an extended period of time has been faced with the cycle of growth.  You grow, grow, grow at the beginning, shattering personal records monthly until one day everything just stops.

One of the most frustrating times can be the months it takes sometimes to get out of that rut.

For the better part of a year, I’ve struggled with my clean; partially because of mobility and partially because of technique.

Well last week I broke that record, and set a few new ones along the way.

1. Clean and Jerk @190#

For some reason, I haven’t even been able to clean more than 175# since the summer.

2. 3 Rep Max Hang Snatch @130#

In the summer, I couldn’t even snatch 135# once, now I’m doing 130# full squat snatches for 3!

3. Helen 7:36

No video, but I shattered my previous Helen time on Monday. The one thing I focused on was doing everything unbroken. I slipped up a little on the last set of pull ups but I got really close.

4. Snatch 150#

What makes this such a huge PR for me is that I actually hit 150# twice in a week.  Last summer, I was struggling to hit 135# once.


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6 replies

  1. Awesome news! Congrats on the PR’s!

  2. Nice work!! Love hearing people’s PRS, its inspirational.

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