T-Minus 24 Hours: I think I’m ready for the 2014 Open


I’m not kidding myself — I have no shot at making it to regionals, but that’s not why I’m doing the 2014 Open.

I love to compete and I love to test and push myself. I placed in the top 3,000 in my region last year. This year I’m going for the top 1,000.

Tonight’s WOD was a nasty variation on Fran just with the heavy front squats replacing the thrusters.

Front Squats @ 115#
Pull Ups

I can’t say that I soared through this, but I almost did the entire workout unbroken. I even did the set of 21 unbroken. I messed up a little on the 15 pullups and only got through 6 of 9 pull ups on the final round.  But I did do all the front squats unbroken and I was really proud of that.

Afterwards, I was absolutely smoked, like completely. My lunges are still burning a few hours later. I guess that means I did it right 🙂

Next stop, the 2014 CrossFit Open. Bring it.

My Time: 4:25


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7 replies

  1. Good luck for the Open. Can’t wait to hear your results.
    I just can’t wait to hear how everyone (even thought I don’t know most of them) goes!

    • Thanks man! I love watching the scores and the head-to-head matches. Have you checked out any of the past ones?

      Why aren’t you doing it?

      • I am not a crossfitter (it’s a word honest!)…..YET! I have only really started putting in the hard work to my weight loss and need to finish up with my current gym membership before I can pay for a membership at a box also.

        I am hopeful that I will be having a go next year, and focus on all the movements and lifting etc over the next 12 months.

        One of my favourites to watch is a Rich Froning v Jason Kalipha doing the 13.5 announcement. AWESOME!

      • Ah ok, fair enough. Well once you’re ready get in and start having a blast.

      • I am itching to get in to a box. I haven’t been this keen on fitness since I was playing Football (Australian Rules). And I was obsessed with playing that.

  2. Kick ass man! Top 500! =P

    Good luck to you

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