CrossFit Open 14.1: The Unexpected Challenge (hint: grip strength)

So CrossFit Games Open workout 14.1 has jut been announced. It’s a filthy metcon double under and snatch combo, just heavy enough to be deadly with literally no rest.

30 double unders
15 power snatches (75#/55#)

Here’s my one tip and thing to watch out for: this will burn your forearms like crazy. Therefore, DO NOT DEATH GRIP THE BAR!

Go forth and conquer.

Watch the 14.1 head-to-head matchup of Garet Fisher v. Marcus Hendren.


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9 replies

  1. How good was Garret. 7 rounds with out breaking is quite impressive. Again, good luck and embrace the burn!

  2. That looked miserable. Can’t wait to try it!

  3. Did it last night! 268 reps…2 reps short for a full 6 rounds. My forearms were KILLING!


  1. 14.1 Scores, Times, Tips and Strategies « Crossfit or Die

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