(Via BoxLife) Jenn Jones: Claiming Her Spot As One of the Fittest Women in the World


Jenn Jones: Claiming Her Spot As One of the Fittest Women in the World

By Noah Dean
March 6, 2014

With just under 3.5 billion females on the planet, being able to claim you are the 6th fittest woman in the world is certainly something to be acknowledged. Once you stack on intellect, poise and good looks, a simple “acknowledgment” seems a bit short-changed. However, anyone who knows Jenn Jones understands that boasting just isn’t her cup of tea. Nope, she would rather let her WOD performances do the talking. But Jenn hasn’t always been one of the best CrossFitters around. In fact, just three short years ago she hadn’t even stepped into a box – which makes her story that much more interesting.

Jenn was born and raised in the small city of Novi, Michigan, a Detroit suburb known for, well, not much at all (until now). At 3 years old Jenn was enrolled in the arduous sport of gymnastics, a niche that would soon be the focus of her athletic passion. At age 7 she was competing with the best of them and, by the end of her collegiate career at Western Michigan University, had more than 100 competitions behind her – including a Conference Championship and two NCAA qualifications.

So how did gymnastics help her in CrossFit? Here’s what she had to say:
“I feel like the spatial awareness I learned in gymnastics has been huge for me in CrossFit. Being able to pick up different key techniques and knowing my body through space is a really important skill that has carried over. The other big component is upper body strength. Something that the average female might struggle with was easy for me because I’ve been on my hands my entire life. So, the upper body component has been fairly easy to adapt to.”

Read the complete story here. 


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