CrossFit Open 14.4 Strategy Guide, Tips

Welcome to the fourth week of the CrossFit Open.

Once again, Dave Castro has brought out something new. Not only is CrossFit Open 14.4 a chipper WOD but one that includes a never before seen row for calories.

Alright, so here’s the 14.4:


For the complete movement standards click here.

So why do they call it a chipper? Because you just keep chipping away at it like a big block of ice.

So with that being said, at no point other than at the end should you be sprinting.


TIP #1: GET ON A ROWER tomorrow and row 60 calories and see how you feel. You need to get familiar with how your body will react to the row for pacing.

TIP #2: FOREARMS: This WOD is going to smoke your forearms so DO NOT death grip the row; hold it as lightly as possible while still rowing hard. Once you get into the toes-to-bar you’ll start to feel the burn and don’t forget you still have 30 power cleans at 135#.

TIP #3: Toes-to-Bar: Do these in sets of ones or twos and keep it steady. Trying to string 4, 5, 6, or 7 of these together at a time will destroy your hands and forearms. Stay steady and keep moving.

TIP #4: Wall Balls: Tackle these in sets of 2 or 3. Don’t give yourself more than 2-3 breathes before getting back on it.

TIP #5: Cleans: If you get this far, do singles. If you’ve got anything left in your forearms good luck.

…I’m not even gonna go into muscle-ups.

Rep Breakdown
Row 60 Reps
Toes-to-bar 110 Reps
Wall Balls 150 Reps
Cleans 180 Reps
Muscle Ups 200 Reps
Row 260 Reps

Watch Scott Panchik v. Josh Bridges in Seattle, Washington for CrossFit Open 14.4.


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6 replies

  1. Great tips!!! I’m not looking forward to the swole forearm feeling. I’ll try to remember to loosen my deathgrip on the rower 🙂

  2. good tips..especially on the t2b..only concern is, i hope it doesnt eat into my time

    • Thank you!

      My coach Kate used to say something to me I hated to hear: Your last reps should be faster than your first reps.

      It’s 14 minutes long!!!!

      You have to do 50 TTB, at 10 on the minute that’s 5 minutes. at 12 that’s a little over 4.

      Both Josh and Scott completed theirs in just under 2 minutes.

  3. I got to 180 with 3 seconds to spare (finishing the last clean). I did the row at a moderate pace of 3:40. TTB are not my strong point so I did 10/5/5 then sets of1-3, super fast. Wall balls were 10/10/5/5/5 with 3-5 breaths in between. Cleans were fast singles, I sped up in the last 30 seconds to finish. Burner!

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