Here’s how I tackled CrossFit Open 14.4 today

I spent about an hour plus at the box last night going through different row and toe-to-bar strategies.  I also had the chance to watch some of our athletes give it a go, which helped shape my strategy going into today.

I decided to set my row at just a little over 1,000 calories an hour, which clocks in around 3:50 for 60 calories.  I’d noticed a lot of athletes blowing the row out at the beginning (around 3 minutes) but they lost a lot of steam on the toes-to-bar, needing a lot of rest and chalk between sets.

I was determined not to let this happen. I rowed the 60 calories in just under 4 minutes.  I was the last one off and probably 10 toes-to-bar behind everyone else.  I kept cool and just started doing singles, one after the next with barely any break in between. I was the first one off the bar and about 10 wall balls ahead of anyone else before they finished.

The cleans were a killer.  I hit those at around 10:30 and it took me the entire 3:30 to finish the 30 cleans, but I got them all.

And now I’m resting and happy 🙂

My last piece of advice: stay calm and don’t let other people dictate your speed. 


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  1. Nice work!!! I actually took the row a bit faster because I know that I can recover quickly from that and because I knew t2b were going to take me foreverrrrr (and they did). But that’s perfect advice.

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