CrossFit Open 14.5 Strategy Guide, Tips

If we’ve learned anything in the 2014 CrossFit Open, it’s to be surprised. And with tonight’s announcement of 14.5 we were surprised yet again.

14.5 is FOR TIME!!!!!!!!!!!


Here’s a full rep breakdown and movement standards. 

For this WOD, the clock won’t save you. It’s either finish or quit trying.

That’s 84 thrusters and 84 burpees. By comparison, that’s almost TWICE the number of thrusters as Fran.

TIP #1: UNBROKEN: Don’t you dare try and go unbroken on 21 thrusters. Try three sets of 7 to save some breath. When you hit 18, go for two sets of 9. Once you finish the round of 15, you’re over half done (108 Reps out of 168).

TIP #2: Burpees: The burpees should be your REST. Take this time to catch your breath. Don’t stop but don’t try and move super fast.

TIP #3: Jumping over the bar: There’s no extra points for being Michael Jordan and jumping high over the bar. Pick your feet up when you jump and you won’t have to jump so high.

TIP #4: Pace: Look at Rich Froning. Nice and steady. Move consistently and smoothly.

Rep Breakdown
21 42 Reps
18 78 Reps
15 108 Reps
12 132 Reps
9 150 Reps
6 162 Reps
3 168 Reps

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5 replies

  1. Death. Took me 14:26. Thrusters are the worst, not a strong movement for me.

  2. When you say break up the set of 21 into sets of 7 do you recommend resting with the bar over head, rack position or rest with the bar on the ground?

  3. Trying it tonight!!!! I’m nervous, but I think it will be a fun one that most CrossFitters can accomplish and feel proud of.

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