SURVEY: What’s the worst thing you forgot to bring but STILL worked out?

It’s happened to all of us.  You show up to the gym after work, or in the morning, and you look into your gym bag and realize you’ve forgotten something. Be it a shoe, sock, shorts, shirt, you name it.

It’s a terrible and unmotivating feeling. It’s not defeat. It’s worse. It’s not being allowed to even play the game.

So I’m curious. I don’t want to know what the worst thing you forgot is, because I’m sure we’ve done it all.

I want to know: what was the worst thing you forgot to bring but STILL worked out!!!

(Me personally: I forgot a shirt. I tried to work out in my fleece but after 5 minutes I was dying. So, naturally, I lost it.)


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  1. The funniest story about something I forgot, but still worked out.. is on my lunch break I do a 45 spin class, and I got to the gym, opened up my bag and realized I didn’t have shoes. Shit… I took the time to get here, told myself not to make up some excuse, and still went to spin class wearing my work shoes (a penny-loafers flat sort of shoe). Needless to stay I got a lot of weird looks, but I didn’t care and was proud of myself for still going.
    Working out in a fleece inside sounds miserable…. My story/experience was just awkward. haha.

  2. I’ve driven the 40 minutes to ball hockey to realize I didn’t bring a sports bra. Played the whole game in a plain old girlie bra… It sucked! had to continually “tuck myself back in”

  3. I’ve forgotten a sports bra, workout capri’s, shoes, socks….yep, just about anything you could forget. Luckily my box owner’s feet are the same size as mine, they sell workout pants ($50), and I can workout without socks….the sports bra wasn’t the best…but it was better than free-boob’n.

  4. Here’s my story of forgetfulness…. The worst part of working out in socks is stepping in water… eeewww

  5. Shoes! Was out on the road bike and stopped by the box, the WOD looked good and there was some open spots, so I did the WOD sans-shoes. It just felt weird, people asking ‘dude, where are your shoes?’…

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