Skinny or fat? Solving the great asparagus divide with seven recipes

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True lovers of asparagus are a devout bunch, united in their passion for spring’s first green spears and resolute in their refusal to be seduced by the siren song of out-of-season impostors. But within this flock lies a deep division. Meet another asparagus devotee and the first question they will usually ask is: “Thick or thin?”

Spear size, it seems, has become an ideological issue.

Believers in skinny spears claim that theirs is superior because it doesn’t need to be peeled. It is delicate and crisp. Its very slenderness is evidence that it truly is the first spear of spring.

Followers of the fatties respond equally dogmatically. Their spears aren’t tough at all. Further, they are obviously the one true choice because what could better befit the promise of spring than a rich, juicy texture?

I refuse to be drawn into the debate. Preferring to spread olive oil on these troubled waters, I embrace both sides. Skinny and fat, all asparagus spears are good, in their own ways.

Let the healing begin. But before we can move forward, we must dispel some myths.

Read the entire article in the Los Angeles Times. 


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  1. Oh I love Asparagus season… yum and congratulations on the article!

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