DC City Council to Tax Fitness. This Isn’t A Joke

I just saw this earlier today on Facebook, and if you spend enough time there, you see some pretty spammy stuff. So I was skeptical at first.

Bu then I saw CrossFit HQ tweet about it and then DC’s Mayor respond. Here’s the exchange:

So while the Mayor doesn’t support the tax, apparently the city council does.

The current proposal is to tack on a 5.75% tax “to all fitness memberships, including health clubs, yoga studios, and spin studios.”

Are you freaking kidding me???

If you’re a resident of D.C., I ask that you sign the petition here. If not, please share this post, retweet it, and post it to Facebook.

In our CrossFit community, we’re trying to promote fitness, health and wellness, not raise the barrier to entering it but passing this tax onto consumers.

I appreciate your consideration and support.


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