Reebok Bacon. Help us track down what’s inside this secret package to Games athletes

We’ve never actually heard of it until today.

It’s possible it came across our Twitter feed randomly but we know have hard evidence that this thing — “Reebok Bacon” — actually exists.

Games Competitor Christy Adkins tweeted this:


So far this is the only official evidence we have of its evidence but we have absolutely NO IDEA what it actually is. From the looks of it, it appears to be shoes.

We’re on the hunt and will update when we know more.

UPDATE 1: This was posted from @Reebok’s Twitter account. We think it’s a box of actual bacon.

UPDATE 2: We managed to find a photo of what’s actually inside this majestic Bacon Reebok box.










Thanks to Stephan for posting this. 

UPDATE 3: Reebok is being coy, but we’re onto their pork goodness. Here’s there tweet to JayLow (CrossFit or Die editor).


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