CrossFit Games is Over, Switching to NPGL?

1891107_563144497130139_7342478720052861869_nSo the 2014 CrossFit Games is over. It was amazing, like every year.

With more than six months until the 2015 CrossFit Open starts, where are you going to get your fitness fix? My suggestion: the Grid League, or NPGL.

If you haven’t heard of the Grid League before, I’d check out this primer from CrossFit Invictus (winner’s of the 2014 CrossFit Games team).

If you don’t feel like reading through all that, the Grid League consists of eight teams with 20 athletes per team. The teams compete head-to-head for points. It’s like having super teams at the CrossFit Games but instead of a weekend, it’s a whole season. In fact, many of your favorite CrossFit athletes are competing in this year’s inaugural season.

The matches are also broadcast live on their website >>

Our suggestion, check it out. If the pre-season matches are anything like what we’ll see in the regular season, this is gonna be fun.


  1. Philadelphia Founders
  2. Los Angeles Reign
  3. New York Rhinos
  4. DC Brawlers
  5. Boston Iron
  6. San Francisco Fire
  7. Phoenix Rise
  8. Miami Surge



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