The Most Posh CrossFit Box in the World

This is completely unconfirmed and totally just our opinion. We’ve seen a lot of boxes, both in person and online, and this one has to take the cake.

Located in the International Finance Center in Seoul, South Kora, CrossFit Sentinel sports glass windows, a coffee shop with tables and chairs, lockers and of course creme-de-la-creme showers.

CrossFit Sentinel also appears to be a Reebok owned or sponsored box as their logo and name can be seen plastered pretty much everywhere. However, if this is the case, it goes contrary to our understanding of CrossFit’s policy that only individuals, not companies, are allowed to open affiliates.

Here’s a few photos courtesy of Will Davis at Whole WOD World, who dropped into the $34 class.


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  1. coffee and crossfit?! BOOM. I agree with your opinion!


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