One of the Most Entertaining CrossFit Videos – Rogue Team Black Week 1

Week 1 of the CrossFit Team series is over with. The top three teams come as very little surprise to anyone:

1. Team Reebok East (Panchik, Smith, Tovar, Bridges)

2. Team Rogue Black (Froning, Khalipa, Briggs, Foucher)

3. Rogue Fitness Red (Bridges, Bailey, Fisher, Leblanc-Bazinet)

CrossFit HQ released a 13 minute video following Team Rogue Black through their four-event long day.  What makes this video better than most is the very casual atmosphere of the team. Both Khalipa and Froning spent time talking directly into the camera.

In a truly unedited display, at around the 8-minute mark, Khalipa struggles to string together any number of double-unders and Froning was giving him a hard-time about it. The team even restarted Event 1, because Khalipa couldn’t get his double-unders to string together.

Not to knock Khalipa at all, but the 13 minute video is worth watching because it provides that kind of “in the room” feel which is hard to achieve in many profile videos.


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