More Muscle and Cocoon Progenex Day 8

Ok! So we’re getting pretty close to calling this Progenex Cocoon stuff pretty awesome. Sleep was much less interrupted than the previous three days without it. A few more nights like this and we’re gonna start working out just to justify the protein shake.

More Muscle

Our biggest concern and/or flag for Progenex More Muscle – and any protein supplement for that matter – is the tendency to rely on it as a meal replacement too much.

Often times when you’re running late in the morning or didn’t bring lunch to work, you could fall into a routine of replacing your meal with More Muscle instead of supplementing it. Now there’s nothing really wrong with that, but if your goal is gains, gains, gains, this habit can set you back some. So be careful.

We noticed a tendency to do that in our routine and chances are, if you’re normal like us, then it’s a possibility in yours too.


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