Dmitry Klokov and Annie Thorisdottir Do The Splits

It’s no coincidence that the most successful CrossFit athletes relentlessly focus on mobility.

Have you ever been in the box, watching an advanced weightlifter snatch with near perfect form, unencumbered by a lack of mobility? It’s a beautiful sight. Well, once you pick your jaw up off the floor and start thinking “hey I want to look like that,” well let us forewarn any fastrackers out there: this didn’t happen by accident. It’s hundreds and thousands of hours stretching and mobilizing.

While Dimitry Klokov isn’t a CrossFit athlete per se, he’s 6 foot tall and 230 pounds. He more closely resembles a rugby or football player than anything else. And guess what, he can do the splits.

So the next time you’re wondering why you’re snatch doesn’t look like this, get stretching.


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