Win A Free Lucas Parker Autographed CrossFit Games Jersey

Lucas Parker is one of our favorite CrossFit Games athletes partially because of his originality and manliness, and secondly because of his raw strength. He has the second highest clean and jerk and snatch of the 2014 CrossFit Games athletes.

But probably what Parker is most known for is his epic beard.

SPOILER ALERT: He just shaved it, and he’s offering a free autographed Games jersey if you can guess the weight in grams (Canadians ?) of his beard.

Here’s the instructions:

1. Think about how much my beard weighs. The unit of measurement is GRAMS (g).
2. Go to a charity website of YOUR CHOICE. Whatever is close to your heart.

***3.*** Donate the number of dollars that you think equals the weight of my beard!
If you think it weighs 1g, you would donate 1.00. If you think it weighs 1kg, you would donate 1000.00 because that is the number of grams. (Hint: the beard will weigh a lot closer to 1g than 1000g!!!)

***4.*** UPLOAD a picture of your donation CONFIRMATION or RECEIPT to instagram. TAG IT with the hashtag ‪#‎ParkerShear4Gear‬.

You can read the full detail list here, and in the meantime here’s some photographic tribute to Lucas Parker’s EPIC beard.

Real men drink beer while they 'dyne.

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