Lucas Parker Reddit Photoshop Battle

The Internet just broke, literally.

Not sure if you’ve heard of reddit or not – awesome place. Well, they have this thing called Photoshop Battles which is a forum “for people to create new images,” where users “submit non-manipulated images, and post photoshopped versions in the comment sections.”

Without trying to explain it too much — it’ll make more sense in a second — let’s dive right into this week’s photoshop battle featuring Lucas Parker!!!


One user uploaded this image of Lucas Parker chopping wood and what ensued are some of the most amazing photoshop creations of all time.

Here’s some of the top voted submissions so far:

6. Samurai Slayer


5. So what if it’s not a pottery wheel, youwannafightaboutit!


4. Chopping Lettuce.


3. Hairy Potter’s first Quidditch match.


2. The Amazing Lumberman.


1. Coming this Fall to Food Network.


BONUS: Thank you Internet.


You can read the full thread here.


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