Annie Thorisdottir WODs with Hafthór AKA “The Mountain”

The World’s Second Fittest in the world – Annie Thorisdottir – and the World’s Second Strongest in the world – Hafthór Júlíus Björnsson – did a CrossFit WOD the other day at Annie’s home gym CrossFit Reykjavik.

Here’s their WOD:

We did an EMOM 12 with
1: 15cal row
2: 5 burpees bj to 36″
3: 10 thrusters 40/60
And then 1rm thruster
The workout was a partner sprint,
4RFT of
13′ WB 20/14
5 box overs 24″
2x20m yoke push @ 290kg

Here’s a little 15 second clip of the workout. Longer video available here.

Hafthór, who might be best known for playing “The Mountain” on the HBO show “Game of Thrones,” recently claimed the title of “Europe’s Strongest Man,” just a month after taking second in the World’s Strongest Man competition in Los Angeles.

You can follow Hafthór on Instagram here.


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