CrossFit Terminology

About 99% of my friends and family DO NOT CrossFit and sometimes the lingo can be a bit annoying when you’re the only one who knows it.  My friend recently relayed her frustration at having to constantly look up CrossFit terms in Google, so I decided to put together a glossary, for the avid CrossFitter or an innocent bystander just trying to understand what the heck we’re talking about.

If you have any suggestions/additions, please add them to the comment box.

— 1 —

1RM – One Rep Max.


AFSAP – As Few Sets As Possible. The idea is to do your workout taking as few breaks as possible.

AHAP – As Heavy as Possible.

AMRAP – As Many Rounds as Possible. Sometimes referred to as As Many Reps as Possible.


Box – It’s what CrossFitters call their gym because they’re typically setup in a 4-wall warehouse, hence the term box.



DL – Deadlift

— E

EMOM – Every Minute on the Minute. Perform a lift/movement at the start of each minute for a specified number of minutes.

— F —

— G —

GTO – Ground to Overhead. Using any method to lift from the ground to completely overhead. Can be completed in two movements.

GHD – Glute-Ham Developer. See this video.

— H — 

HSPU – Handstand Push Ups

— I —

— J —

— K —

KB Swings – Kettle bell swings.

— L —

— M —

— N — 

— O —

OLY – Olympic Weight Lifting.

OTM – On the Minute (see EMOM).

— P —

Pistols – One-legged squats.

— Q —

— R —

RDL – Romanian Deadlift.

RFT – Rounds for Time. (Ex. 3 Rounds for Time)

RX – Prescribed. Complete the WOD EXACTLY as its written (order, weights, rounds, etc.)

1RM – One Rep Max.

— S —

SDHP – Sumo Deadlift High Pull.

STO – Shoulder to Overhead. Involves any movement taking a bar from rest at the shoulder position to fully overhead.

SUMO – Refers to the “wide” sumo stance (think sumo wrestlers). Stance can be used with deadlift, squat, kettle bell swings, good mornings, etc.

S2O – Another way of referring to STO or shoulder to overhead.

— T —

Triplet – A three round workout usually for time.

TTB – Toes to Bar.

T2B Toes to Bar.

— U —

— V —

–W —

WOD – Workout of the Day. That’s what’s going down at the box that day.

— X —

— Y —

— Z —


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